Flowify clogged

I’m at a loss; I’ve ticked all the boxes, the 3 elements are in a group, Live Mesh Analysis returns a green on the destination mesh, everything is grouped as it should be.
Yet, I get no reaction on “impose grid”, and a prompt saying the extension can’t find the support group when I run tests, describing the requirements which are all satisfied.

Highly frustrating, considering I’ve successfully used this dozens of times, with this glitch coming up sporadically.
forumpost 3.skp (104.9 KB)

Flowify is a really finicky plugin sometimes, very specific in what it wants.
You left the curved target mesh nested in its own double group for this one, just have to explode it out :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d caught that mistake in previous runs, and was sure I’d checked for it that time as well.
Much obliged.