Floor generator extension not working with SKP 24

Hi all

Since the new update to Sketchup 2024 the good old free Floor Generator (SDM Tools) extension stopped working properly. Is it just me or do you also have this issue? Which similar tools do u use? Splitator is not free and there is no trial (? maybe I already tried it once and didn’t like it enough to pay an abo for it, and while I’m all for developers earning what they deserve but to list something as free while it’s not is …just not right)

This plugin was withdrawn due to a copyright complaint in 2018. It is not surprising that a 10 year old plugin would fail to load with all the Ruby version changes that have happened over this time.

See the “official” notice at SketchUcation:


Please start another topic on Splitator to discuss it. (You’ll help keep the forum tidy and get better replies when not firing multiple questions in diverse directions.)

And also take complaints on the Extension Warehouse to the correct forum category.