Flip Y/Z axis plugin

Is there an existing plugin to recursively flip Y/Z axis in ALL selected groups/component AND nested subgoups/subcomponents to better prepare a model for Unity3d or other softwares using Y up as opposed to Sketchup Z up?

Maybe a simple one-liner which recursively iterate selected objects and rotates axis + 90° on local X in “Move Sketching Context” (see the image below).

The flip axis features are usually part of the export process, so look at the Options subdialog when in the export file browser.

Examples …





There are also dedicated extensions for gaming engine export such as, but not limited to …



I know it well, but as far as I can tell, what the various exporters are doing is just flip world Y-up leaving every child object pointing Z-up.
I need for some applications every object in the hierarchy to be pointing Y-up…
So I was wondering if there is some metod in ruby console to force selected obect’s local axis rotation to positive 90° on X.
Similar to the one liner TIG wrote in this link, but intended to rotate local axis instead of translating them. (The one in the link could be very useful preparing models for Unreal, what I’m talkin’about is more Unity-oriented)


edit - I also give PlayUp a try and looked at videos and documentation.
Although it could be useful for people who wants a direct link beetween SU and Unity, it doesn’t fit my workflow (I’ll keep it anyway because of the vertex count tool, which is extremely handy).
Such plugin does a batch export of individual fbx files for each mesh in the model and flip the axis. I need it to be exported as a single model and the objects nested in it to be flipped accordingly.