Flip Tool not present

I am supposedly running the current version of Sketchup Pro but the Flip Tool is not present. Flip Along is. Am I correct that the former is supposed to replace the latter?

If you’re seeing Flip Along in the context menu then you haven’t opened SketchUp 2023. Look at the top left of the SketchUp window. What version does it say you have open? I see this with SU2023.
Screenshot - 4_19_2023 , 3_27_58 PM

Right you are. Thanks!

What version do you have? Maybe you installed 2023 but opened a different version?

One reason you might get the wrong version is if you double-clicked on a skp file to open it. There have been recurring issues on Windows with the file association for skp not getting updated when a new version of SketchUp is installed. You can search the forum for solutions.

That is what happened. I hadn’t downloaded 2023 but have now.