Fixing Distances


I’ve spent so much time trying to figure out how to fix a distance I won’t say it.

I looked up online, read the tool stuffs, I can’t find it.

My question is how do I set permanent distances? I used the tape measure to try and set distances. I made a box 3/4", another box 7" away again 3/4". Then I tried to make two tall rectangles, I drew the rectangles and then tried to set the distances between the outside box edges to 7" apart as well. Everytime I would click something it would change the center distances and where the boxes were and where ever other object was. I ended up checking all the distances and it kept rounding the boxes to 'tilda 1" '… Does this program not take fractions? Can I even set a distance permanently?

I know how to use universal coordinates <> but if I can’t easily set a simple distance I might as well go buy solid works.


I don’t understand what you are trying to do from your description.
Could you attach a screen shot or the model so we can answer correctly.

As for the tilda, go Window/Model info/units and adjust the precision there.


When you set the precision under model info units it is display precision and does not change what Su uses internally. My guess you have that set to fraction like 1/16 etc. Change to decimal a min of three decimal and see what you get. The max precision for 32 bit machine is 7 digit .That is what SU shows for 32 or 64 bit version.


Are you wanting something like this?


Why doesn’t my screen look like yours?

I was planning on making the 2-d image and then extruding it all, but yeah except a longer l

ength (obviously you just showed me how to do that.

The picture I uploaded is the screen I’m stuck on. I made both the boxes “.75” after making the decimals “0.000” and a size accurate to ’ 1/16" ’

I’m trying to get both the boxes to be 3/4" and then a 7" gap between the boxes, AND the two rectangles (so 21" total plus the 3/4" x2 and the thickness of the rectangles, currently unassigned)

But whenever I try to change the distance between say a box and a rectangle it

  1. changes the box size I already said was .75
  2. changes the box size to approximate 9/16 or approximately 1"
  3. changes the spaces between the two boxes to 10 or 12 ",
  4. some combination of the above.

Is there any way to set a permanent distance between objects?

In SolidWorks this is done by just defining a space, if a new command violates the space it warns you, but if it doesn’t the program will move the unattached object to the correct distance.


Because I’m using a different template to the one you have chosen and I have moved toolbars around so they can be seen in the gif.

This isn’t solidworks. Don’t assume it does anything the same way.
Have you watched any of the getting started videos?!

All tools respond to keyboard input, start an action and let go of the mouse and type in mid air what you want (It will appear in the measurement window bottom right corner) and hit enter.

So here I made one rectangle 3/4 x12", copy/moved it 7 3/4", 3 times, then shortened the middle ones to 3/4 and extruded them.


You’re pretty funny, that’s okay. I just think it’s a ■■■■ program now. Thanks for trying to help but it simply isn’t functional. I can’t draw lines starting at different measurements because you can’t assign them. There’s no way to change a distance without monkeying up random distances. I realize there are different templates. The template difference is explained in “basic styling and simple colors”. I don’t want colors so I chose architectural which unbenounced to me apparently removes several tools without tell me. In the help button it doesn’t mention a single thing other than how to check a box. Just launched the normal mode and the tool bar is the top. If they are telling me I have pro I have to check some obscure box in the drop downs to get more functions, but even though I changed to 1/16" and 0.000 accuracy is still rounds my objects. It isn’t solidworks, it has no where near the functionality or common sense use. There’s a reason it’s free and I learned that!


I said the non derogatory word for excrement. I also think it’s funny how the censored the forum for poo.


I’m sorry you are frustrated with SketchUp. To me it sounds like there is a communications problem both in us not understanding exactly what you are doing and in you not understanding how SketchUp works. Let’s see if I can help clear up the former.

You say “I try to change the distance between say a box and a rectangle”. Exactly how do you try to do this? That is, what tool do you activate, what part of the model do you select (there is a difference between selecting the face of a box and selecting one of its edges or corners), and what actions do you then perform?

SketchUp does not have anything equivalent to SolidWorks space. If you want to fix a relative position relationship between two objects, you make them into a Group or Component.

By the way, the automatic censorship behavior of the forum software has been a source of amusement to many of us. It follows arcane rules that aren’t especially consistent or rational.


Yeah no problem. In the end I think I was just looking for something that doesn’t exist! I’ll just pony up the money for a program I already know how to use!

I was using the tape measure between the corner dots. The tutorial/help button suggested to use this to check distances, but told me I could set the distance by typing in a number. I tried to use the side walls the first time, but it wouldn’t let me select two sidewalls.

Most forums are going nuts on the censorship! It’s a load of… poopy? Is poo with a py censored. I’ll let you guys know!

Thanks a lot for time guys! The only recommendation I would make for the software would be to have the menu options be a little more clear from the get go - particularly the whole splew of tools that the video above has that I couldn’t access. I value my time more than the money though (as this experience had me come to terms with!). I’m sure it’s a fine program once you learn it, which is of course true with most software!!!

Good luck to ya’s!