Fit steel roof panel

I am modelling a steel roof for a single storey energy efficient house. I am using my own profile. To fit the panels to the roof I have to “cut” the diagonally. I cannot find a way to achieve this? I am uploading an .skp file with the panel. Thanks
Roof Panel.skp (188.8 KB)

What do you mean by cutting it diagonally? Across the width or at an angle as at the ridge of the roof? Assuming the latter, set the panel up at the required angle. Draw a cutter group/component at the required angle and then use the Subtract tool in the Solid Tools set to cut the panel against the cutter.

I wouldn’t bother to model the thickness of the panels - typically in our parts the panels are made of 0.5 mm zinc-plated steel. So either moving points or edges around or using the Intersect function would be my way to deal woth it. Or a texture.

I agree but since the OP asked how to trim the group he supplied, I just answered the question.

Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately my severe lack of knowledge is hampering me.
DaveR : I have uploaded the panel showing what I mean by diagonally. Is there a video or explanation about using the cutter/component and subtract tool?
Anssi: I could figure out a way of “extending” the profile without giving it some thickness?

It would seem that I will have to go back to school!!
Roof Panel.skp (188.8 KB)

I don’t see anything different in this file.

It would be a good idea to go through the content at

I agree with you Dave. I have watched most of the learn videos and “skill builder”. I’m watching the ‘solid tools’ video now.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Roof Panel.skp (249.0 KB)

Thanks. I hope I’m headed in the right direction now.