First try with Stair LC and swing and a miss

Fist try with LC’s and its a swing and a miss for me. Stair components presents me with an empty dialog box. Thoughts?

I don’t have any thoughts. It ought to work. Your screenshot is low quality, so hard to tell anything from that. Do you have a SKP that you can add to your reply, that would show the problem?

Sorry about that, will post something here.

Ok, so i got it to work now and it is apparent that you have to be on-line to download the configuration data? Is that right? The Entity info box is empty until you select the component and then it goes “on line” searching for the data, it appears. Also, there seems to be an issue with the materials. The treads are black and the selected materials doesn’t appear in the materials dialog box.

There are however several “automatic“ materials.

And a small request on this component. Any way to program-in the removal of that mid flight landing? Given that we don’t have a switchback stair yet, user can assemble a switchback by using to simple flights to create one.

Edit: Feeling sheepish. I see that the landing slider can be moved to (0) to remove them mid level landing.

By the way, i am doing all of this in Sketchup for ipad.


Yes, you need to be online to edit live components.

I see that you are giving feedback in the iPad forum as well. Might be worth mentioning that the app could make it more clear that you need to be online in order to edit live components.

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Apparently that is what is meant by the “Live” in LC.