First Play with SubD




Not entirely sure what this is, apart from my first experimentation with SubD.


A pot plant holder? the four fingers would hold the pot above, the base could collect any excess so as not to spoil the parquetry. Very organic and strong


Maybe with a little tweaking you could get a crystal ball or even a decorative egg on top?


Good thinking!

Would have to be a lot smaller because, as I was doodling, the size was made up. Turns out it’s over 2m high😳


henry moore


The latest trend in indoor furniture - a 2 person hammock.


More messing/experimentation.

Took the idea from @Box on this one for practice. I need to get that Donuty Extension though. The sub-division was not great on this because I didn’t make it all Quads.

It is very addictive though, this SubD :wink:


That hand is going to reach out and GRAB you!!


I really have no practical need for SubD but I just want it.