First Play with SubD


Not entirely sure what this is, apart from my first experimentation with SubD.


A pot plant holder? the four fingers would hold the pot above, the base could collect any excess so as not to spoil the parquetry. Very organic and strong

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Maybe with a little tweaking you could get a crystal ball or even a decorative egg on top?

Good thinking!

Would have to be a lot smaller because, as I was doodling, the size was made up. Turns out it’s over 2m high😳

henry moore

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The latest trend in indoor furniture - a 2 person hammock.

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More messing/experimentation.

Took the idea from @Box on this one for practice. I need to get that Donuty Extension though. The sub-division was not great on this because I didn’t make it all Quads.

It is very addictive though, this SubD :wink:


That hand is going to reach out and GRAB you!!

I really have no practical need for SubD but I just want it.


My initial play around with Twinmotion.

With the iMac I have and the External Vega 64, it flies!!!


Nice, how much didc the eGPU set you back I was looking at some recently for work but decided against it.

Hi @liamk887

The Razer Core X case was £260 and the AMD RX Vega 64 was £391 from Amazon.

Set it up and had it running in about 10 minutes from unboxing.



Nice rendering!

Not to detract from the thread. I am looking at getting an eGPU. How can I learn about this and choose the right setup? I thought I should get Nvidia cards for some things like Blender. Anyway, could you please tell me how you chose your eGPU setup.

Hi @pbacot

Being based on a Mac, I was limited to using AMD cards as NVidia are not supported by Apple.

I did a lot of Googling and initially looked at the Blackmagic eGPU which is a non upgradeable unit. It gets good reviews but it’s downfall is that it can not be upgraded with a new card later.

I found the Razer Core X case through the Twinmotion UK website, where there is a review of it, using the AMD Vega 64 card. I liked the fact that, for a Mac, it is plug and play and is fully supported by Apple. Also, within my budget.

Both the Razer Core X and AMD get good reviews, so I decided to go for that.

One thing I did discover is that there are many versions of the Vega 64, as different manufacturers create their own complete cards using the AMD GPU. I went for the one by Gigabyte.

Also, I only really use Twinmotion software, and as mentioned I’m on a Mac, so I have not really looked into other software.

Hope that helps.


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Thank you very much for the reply. I have an Nvidia card in my MBP, but I guess it’s one of the last Apple supported. I didn’t realize that eGPU had to be “supported” the same way internal GPU are. I was thinking of “CUDA” support, but I can check that out. So I am guessing the Vega is fine for SketchUp anyway.

Hi @pbacot

Yeah, I’m the same with my MacBook Pro, but my iMac is AMD.

Just a quick point. With the External GPU, running under OS Mojave, once connected, you have to ‘tell’ the software to use the External GPU instead of the Internal GPU. This option is only available for certain Software.

So, for Twinmotion, I can tell it to use the eGPU.

I tried this with Layout, (hoping to improve the dismal zooming in Layout on Mac), but the option is not available. Therefore, I can not use the eGPU with Layout. Have not tried with Sketchup Pro, but I would guess the same. Annoying really as I’m throwing everything at Layout to improve that zooming. Next stop is to see if I can borrow NASA’s supercomputer :wink:


I would hope it can help any software, but maybe not. I was thinking it would be best for SW like Thea that can use the GPU memory. But to know if it’s worth it I guess I have to know what I can to use it for.

That’s true. I really only got it for Twinmotion, as I’m planning on doing more Renders and Animations to increase what I can offer Clients.

Sketchup Pro runs fine on the iMac alone, it’s just the Layout Issue.


Is LayOut a rendering issue or is it just the incremental setting? Can a mouse software speed it up? You can decrease the quality of screen view, to help some of this. I don’t understand why LayOut is so slow, especially output of pdf prints, or even just opening the print window. Most software outputs image files almost instantaneously by comparison.

Me too. Just hope it gets sorted.