First experience of SU2020 + Windows Mixed Reality + VR Sketch

So I took the plunge at last and invested in what has to be said, is the cheapest VR equipment. After a little fiddling (not much really) I was able to get it working. Wow, it is so strange to be in the building I’ve been designing, the more detail the better.

I also imported an older model of a 24 unit housing estate I designed, it is a real eye opener to say the least to walk around a virtual neighbour.

I have to say though, “Mixed Reality” isn’t really the correct description surely?

Going forward, I intend to get Enscape, reasons being:

  1. It does the VR thing, but adds a rendered model.
  2. It can do ‘good enough’ renders for customer purposes, and I think it provides a good balance of time and render quality (I’ve yet to test it though, as SU2020 is not compat’ with it at the moment).

The only minor downs side, which isn’t a financial downside, is that using this combination of software, I won’t need to get a AMD Ryzen 9 3950X anymore. I was originally thinking of using CPU Rendering, but a quick check reveals Enscape uses the GPU. I was kinda looking forward to going back to AMD after many years, and having such a core count that I wouldn’t have to worry about huge multitasking when it happens. So I’ll probably go with a 9900K or similar, along with an RTX 2080’ish - depends on price really as I can only justify so much!

Anyway, just thought I’d mention this. Any comments very welcome.


Which headset did you get? Whether it’s VR, AR, or mixed reality, depends on the headset or device. VR would be like with Oculus Rift or Quest, where the view is entirely enclosed. AR is where you are looking directly at the real world, but you have a device that superimposes something virtual over the camera’s view of the real world. Mixed reality is where you are wearing a headset, but you are seeing the stereoscopic models placed in a particular location in the real world, which you can still see because the headset is transparent.