Finding a component in a long list of componets in layers

I have drawn a model of a cabinet which has many components, in fact I’m up to 64 and I’m not finished yet
Sometimes it takes a while to find a particular component in the layers list for instance if you temporarily want to hide it. It would be nice if by clicking on it in the model, the component name would become highlighted in the layers list.
Hope this makes sense.


Are all of your components on layer 0, or do you have them divided out?

If they are on 0, you should be able to click on ‘name’ in the layers window, and sort by name. That may help you find what you need.


Hi sawstopdust,

Reference the image below.
Notice the Entity Info box displays the Layer of the selected entity.
Best practice is to keep Entity Info open while modeling.

Look to the flyout menu in the Layers Manager
The Color by Layer option temporarily paints entities their respective layer color.

Adopting a layer naming schema enables one to organize layers into logical, entity related sets.
Layer A101
Layer A102
Layer B101
Layer B102 and so on…

Suggested reading: Does SketchUp Support Layers? — SketchUp Help

Working with Large Models – Mitchel Stangl — SketchUp Sage Site

Your post seems to say that you create a new layer for each component and give the layer the same name as the component. Please be aware that this is not required, either in the sense of putting each component on its own layer nor in the sense of giving the layer the same name as the component(s) it contains. These are user-decided practices about which SketchUp is neutral. I’m not arguing good or bad, just saying that since SketchUp doesn’t require them it also doesn’t do anything to help you. It might be nice, but today there are no search-by-name features in the layers window or toolbar. All they do is sort in alphabetical order.

Also, the feature you suggest would be a tricky one-way door: once you hide a layer, the components are hidden so you can’t click them to select the layer for unhide!

You might want to check out the Jiminy-billy-bob’s layer manager plugin on the sketchUcation store. It lets you create hierarchical sets of layers for easier management.

Thank you all for your comments and help. I will have to take some time to study all your comments and read up again on layers and related tutorials, The way I am doing it seems to work for me other then with a large layers list of components (I do assign every component to a layer and name it in the entity info box) it would be nice if you could find a particular component quickly in that list. For instance to hide it by un-checking it so as to gain access to a component otherwise hidden.
I don’t use the hide feature in the edit menu because, as mentioned, you can’t un-hide it if you have made changes to the model, which need to remain.
Again thank you all.

Outliner becomes a powerful tool for those who make the effort to name groups and components.
That sounds like you @sawstopdust

One other possibility to consider: you can use scenes to capture and save a view of each individual part and another of the completed assembly. You can use the scene definition to throw a whole bunch of levers at once, defining visibility, style, camera position, and so on. Additionally, you can display or suppress supplementary data, such as piece-part-level dimensions and completed assembly-level dimensions.


Thanks again Geo and thanks Gully. I simply haven"t had time to study anything. I’ve been working hard actually building the cabinet I referred to in my post. I could not attach the model to my post, way too big. But I copied and pasted the model into a new drawing, eliminated some things and the file came down from more then 11Mb. to about 1.9Mb. Small enough to attach. The copy still seems to have all the functionality of the original, yet is less than 20% of the size. The mystery of computer technology. Considering I was born in the days of triodes and pentodes, well before transistors, I’m not doing badly.
Here is the file: Copy of MS Cab. Wing support.skp (1.9 MB)


I agree, I just had a wish list moment on SU Layers.
The Pro version needs some extra functions for sure, way way over due.

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