Filling volume for Print 3d

Is there a plugin that creates a solid filling inside.
I want to calculate the cost of printing 3d with different fillings (filling 30% or 50% etc).

eg. Honeycomb

Thank You

Perhaps TIG’s volume calculator?

If you want to create the real geometry, you can try TIGs Honeycomber (PRO only). But if you only need the volume for different fillings at Fused Deposition Modeling, you should use a slicing program… (e.g. Kisslicer shows the volumein cm³, Cura shows the length of filament and mass (if you provide the density)).

Are you doing the printing your self or do you plan to have it done for you by one of the commercial folks.
Typically if you have a model which is just a thin shell the cost can be up to 10X vs one wherein the model includes a second thin shell. The only SU plugin I know of that can add another thin shell for you is Freedos Joint push pull.
The over all vol. change vs additional thickness is not going to be a large value so if you are worrying cost in my opinion you would be better to make sure your design meets the typical print standards the commercial printers use. The minimum thickness they usually spec is for handing so things do not break while cleaning etc
See this link
See the Netfabb part of this link I find the free Netfabb tool very useful