File type transfer

Hello, is there any way to “change” an Skp file into Obj format (I am on Sketchup Free, so cannot use all the export options) ?

What are you using the .obj file for? COLLADA or .dae files are also very shareable and import into many different programs. If .dae could work, you could publish your model to the 3D warehouse, then visit the 3Dwarehouse in a separate browser window and use the drop down menu to download the model as a .dae.

If you must have .obj there might be an online converter you could use for .skp to .obj, warning that I have not tested any of these, user beware. Google is you friend:

Thank-you, yes I need an .obj ; I’ll try some of those websites.

Thanks for the idea, I found, a great website!

It would be a good website if it didn’t put “Error” at the end of the convert ! :roll_eyes:

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