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In Previous versions, if you went to FILE> REVERT… a warning popped up asking if you want to go back to the most recently saved version of the file… and you would have to confirm the Revert. In SketchUp 2023 that confirmation is gone??? It just Reverts and you cannot undo that command !!! I just want to know if that is how '23 is designed or is this a Bug? Obviously its an issue that should be rethought for version 2024.

You have gotten several of us looking into this! Strange thing is, that I have tried back to SketchUp 2018, and none of them are showing a warning when doing a revert in SketchUp on Windows. LayOut works, and SketchUp on Mac works.

I’m wondering if a Windows update could account for the change? Are you, or anyone, able to see a warning message when reverting a file on Windows, in any version of SketchUp?

I don’t really use the command but I thought I remembered seeing a warning when testing Revert in SketchUp 2021 or 2022… but maybe I was wrong. I know I saw it in Aaron’s “square one” video on youtube but obviously he was using Mac. Its dangerous to not have that warning and not be able to undo. I am an instructor and one of my students just went to Revert by mistake and lost a good amount of work.

In my memory I’m sure there is/was a conformation dialog so I did a Gsearch for a screenshot etc.
I found this video posted approx 3 years ago and there isn’t/wasn’t one! … call me shocked.
Revert in Sketchup | Go Back To Saved Version in Sketchup - YouTube look at the 1:40min mark.

I asked a colleague to try this, and he did something unexpected, and instead chose the same file from the recent files list. Then he did get the warning.

i just tried that… and i got the warning too. Now, just make that warning show up when you go to Revert. :grin:

I believe we all think that is a reasonable idea! We already logged a bug about 2023 not showing the warning. If it turns out that it never did show the warning, we will convert the bug report into a feature request.


:+1: sounds good

I posted a while ago about how I had lost hours and hours of work when I reopened a SketchUp file I had saved the previous day, and I couldn’t for the life of me understand what had happened. My best guess after a lot of head scratching was that I had somehow clicked revert when shutting down SketchUp when I had to leave my office in a hurry.

I will not make that mistake again :smile:

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