File open on 2 computers simultaneously

Will Sketchup deal properly with the same file open on 2 computers at the same time? Obviously this presupposes the file is stored on some cloud database.


When I try to open a file simultaneously in two instances of SketchUp, I get, as I should, this:
If the system wouldn’t spot what is happening it would result in all the changes made by the different users except the one to save last to be lost. If this doesn’t happen when using a local shared folder or drive, something is seriously wrong with the file sharing settings. In my experience false positives are more common than false negatives. I don’t know enough about cloud services to comment about them, but you shouldn’t be opening model files directly from them anyway.

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Working on any file directly opened from a cloud service is a known file corrupter. It’s best to keep the file on a local drive and upload to the cloud as a backup or progress capture. We often see corrupted inoperable files from trying to work off a cloud service.

Thanks for checking that, Anssi. I guess I will need to make sure it closed on one computer before opening on another.

I’ve heard that a few times, endlessfix. Dave R tells me not to do it. I use Dropbox, as I’m sure do many, so the file is in my DB folder locally and syncs to the cloud as well, so that the same file is updated and can be opened on another computer. Where is will also be stored locally too.

Many applications handle this quite well. For instance, all of Apple’s programs can be open on multiple devices simultaneously and a change made on any will automatically propagate to the other devices. No issues. Sure we would nice if the development team at Trimble SU could get this working on their software. As it is, I wonder how long it will be before they create a version of SU that will run natively on the new Apple Silicon. If ever…

Just be aware, you may never have a problem, but the majority of corrupt files can be linked to a network location. Even the autosync of a local dropbox folder can cause problems. For example it starts to sync at the same time it is autosaving.

I know I’m repeating things but it should be pointed out.

Anssi was talking about two instances of SketchUp. In most cases that would be two instances on the same computer. If you see a message about a file being read only, first check to see if you already have that file open in another instance of SketchUp on your own computer. In Windows 10 you can point at the icon in the task bar, and each thumbnail you see is another instance of SketchUp. Do any of them already show the file you are now trying to open?

I’m on a Mac, Colin. I’m thinking in terms of leaving a file open at work computer then opening the same file at home on a computer there. Obviously not something I wanna do.


Note to self - turn off autosave.

Thanks, Box. Good info to know