Feature request upvote system/poll

I wish it was a place where we could suggest and vote for other users suggestions. This forum is probably nice, but unorganized. How can the developers know which features the community want the most?

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You can create such a discussion:

And if you do a Google search after the terms ‘poll discourse forum’ you will find additional helpful information - https://meta.discourse.org/t/how-to-create-polls/77548

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I disagree. Open the Categories page and you’ll see quite a bit of “organization”.

By the way, I reassigned this topic to the forum Meta category where it belongs.

Each category has an About pinned post that explains what the category is for.

Here are some polls I set up in the past right here in these forums

Problem has been not many members are participating in the polls.

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Yes, I know there is categories, and I found the wish lists. I guess what I was really thinking of was the way they do it in the Enscape forum - one wish/request per post, and other users posting a “+1” or other message to back the wish - and the developers reading and registering this in their own lists. To me it seems like a good system.

Ah okay, we’ve discussed this in the past several times in the various forums that SketchUp has had.

The main thing is that the forum engine has to support this natively (like Quora and StackOverflow does,) or else a Discourse plugin like I suggested in the poll topic:
[POLL] Should SketchUp forum use the Discourse Question Answer plugin?

But secondarily, such systems only collect the subjective enumeration of number of “likes” and “dislikes” for any proposed feature(s). Such systems do not tell the developers anything objective about why, how, how often and when users would actually need and use the proposed feature. Developers need objective data in order to make good decisions about which features to implement. It shouldn’t be solely a subjective popularity contest.

This is why when I have created a poll here, that I’ve tried to make it more detailed then just a up vote and down vote kind of thing.

FYI, back in the days when Google still owned SketchUp, one of Google’s websites that SketchUp used was just that kind of Feature Request / Voting interface. Google has since shut it down, probably because it wasn’t really all that useful to software developers.

A small essay that explains why …

IMO, ProductBoard’s idea are a step toward a better solution, but still fall far short.

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I like the idea, though it seems like another starbuck-latte-startup.
Product managers are in charge, I guess.
@SketchupDoug, @jbacus and @corney


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