New category: Wish List



WHAT: I recognize that maybe it is not a good idea (and that surely someone has thought about it) but the blog could have one more topic just to discuss the wish list, being able to combine the id icon to wish list (I suggest “magenta” color) with Sketchup (red), LayOut (yellow), Sefaira (green), Viewer (light blue), etc …

HOW THAT WILL WORK: I do not know what would be the best way, but maybe the Sketchup team (who knows what improvements will be implemented for the next releases) could make some voting topics or improvement suggestions available for users to discuss and give their opinion. Perhaps the best way to do this with some credibility is to allow pro users to post comments on this topic, preventing entry-level hints from being posted by novice users.

BENEFIT: this would organize the wish lists, creating a better environment for the discussion of this very important specific category


This is not a blog site. It is a forum site. There is a difference.
A public forum does not generally prohibit classes of posters from posting.
Everyone’s opinion is usually welcome if presently in an appropriate manner.

There are already categories for “wishes” called Feature Requests.


Yeah, you´re right.

yet a new category for “voting” or “discussion” about a specific improvement of proposal by the SketchUp team would be very interesting, not only to help make the program more powerful and useful (more than it already is) but to engage and disseminate future improvements (even before they are released)


New categories for polls (voting) are unneeded.

Polls are already implemented as a special feature of a post (not of a topic, nor of a category.)

Any member with the proper privileges can create a poll in their post(s).

Poll building is under the gear :gear: icon in the post editor toolbar.

Here is an example …

Do you understand this forum’s poll building feature ?

  • Yes
  • No

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Here is another topic, in this very category … that has several polling questions in the thread opening post

Again, this forum is already for discussion and topics can be created by anyone in the feature requests category to discuss any proposed improvements and request any features you might desire.

Simple voting of Like / Dislike for proposed features does not give the SketchUp development staff good information, as that is just subjective emotional opinion. (When Google still owned SketchUp, the staff used a special Google website that solicited these kind of emotional feature requests and Like/dislike voting, but it was really worthless, and eventually Google shut the entire site down.)

Polling questions need to be carefully written to extract the most objective data on possible usage by the users answering the question(s). Data such as how often will the feature be used ? How much time will it save ? etc.

By policy, because of the competitive nature of the software industry, Trimble SketchUp division does not publicly announce future features, before they are released. SketchUp staff have said this many times over the years in all of the SketchUp forums that have ever existed.


from everything you said, I think that’s the main argument, you’re really right. Thanks for the explanations.