Feature Request: Top/Front/Side view buttons that orient according to axes

I understand the need for the standard views (top view, front view etc) to be static viewpoints,
but it would be great to ALSO have a button for each view (top, front, right, left etc) that oriented itself from the model axes (and/or maybe component axes when editing within one).

and if you’ll forgive the phrase, I’d also vote for a ‘Bottom View’ button in the large tool set (i know it is already in the dropdown menu)

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Could you please expand on this? I’m not clear what you mean. So far as I can tell, the existing standard views (except iso) place the camera so that the center of the view is the center of the model’s bounding box and the camera is pointed parallel to one of the axes. Where is it you want the camera placed?

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There’s a plugin for this. I think it’s call extended standard views or something similar, and is made by Chris Fullmer if I’m not mistaking.

Thank you so much. Found it. Perfect! Exactly what I was after.
Now to see whether it works within a component with alternative axes…
Thanks again. Much appreciated!!!

That plugin used to work in older version but I can’t get it to work anymore (2018 Pro)
+10 for axes linked views as an option