Feature Request - Add Groups to Layers in Layout

It would be great if you could add a group feature in Layout for Sketchup for the layers there.
It would be good to organize my layers a bit more.

In the above example, I wanted to group the model layers, text layers, etc.

Layers in layout are, by design, meant to define what things are lying on top of one another. In your request, would everything in the proposed group/layer folder be on the same “layer”?

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It wouldn’t be the same layer. It would be a category of layers.
For example, all the model layers would be under the model group category.
And all the text for different views would be under the text group layer. So on and so forth.
You get the idea.
It should of course respect the hierarchy of the layers and the groups just adds one extra level of control. And helps in organising if there are 100s of layers… just saying.

This does seem like it would add unneeded complexity to LayOut. You shouldn’t need multiple layers for “all the text for different views” for example. One for annotations and one for dimensions ought to be enough. And those should be at the top of the Layers list.

In my LayOut templates title text and any other title block content are on the bottom-most layers in the list and remain locked. Any of the titleblock text that is specific to the project is edited in Document Setup.

I have a setup similar to Dave. Starting at the bottom in this list:

Titleblock / Logos OEP
Sheet Names OEP
SketchUp 1
White Out 1
SketchUp 2
Part Numbers (for shop drawing sets)
PE Square OEP (3”x3” square with ghosted background to leave room for PE stamp as needed)
Consultant / PE Notes (I delete before I publish, allows me to add commentary for review sets)

I start at the bottom (the top in the list above) and I work my way up and lock as I go.

Not sure how the folders would work for this, as layers here really are layers like trace paper.


Yup would definitely agree with you. But my drawings are a bit complex and I managed to do it with Model Layers stacked on top of each other as shown below.

The New Model Layer is right on top, then the demolition layer, and then the existing at the bottom.
So the views stack up really well.

But I just need groups to organize the layers better. Specially when the project gets bigger.

Guru…you could try this…It’s a hack and not collapsable, but it allows for some structure.

It is correct that the top of the Layer window is closest to the camera plane. But if you have two different sets of viewports from two different views, Top and Bottom of the Layer window is a moot point.

If I use your image, Say Layers 1-10 are assigned to the Schmitt S-03 stack of viewports and Layers 11-20 are assigned to Axonometric 3D. Layers 1-10 will never be a problem for 11-20 if they are off.

Conceivably you could have 100 layers in Layout if you have strong organization for where groups of layers are used. Simple is better for sure as @DaveR has pointed out. But I think the layer system is much more adaptable than just one small list of layers that functions for one type of presentation.

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 8.55.55 PM

Since we are talking about Layers…

Anyone know what this is?

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 11.20.49 AM


" Shared or nonshared: Regular layers don’t share entities among pages, but shared layers do."

Got an update to my layers…

what’s a practical use case for this? haven’t seen this before.

edit: oh, this is just a context menu version of the “shared” icon to the right of the layer isn’t it?

“Shared layers display content on every page. When you need to display a logo, title, or other element on every page of your document, put it on a shared layer and you need to place the element only once.”