Faster toolbuttons?

Perhaps not the forum’s biggest issue but is there a way to make the tool buttons more sensitive IE faster?

What button are you talking about?

A button should react immediately when you click it (or perhaps when the mouse is released). There shouldn’t be any noticeable delay.

In the forum (→ meta) or in SketchUp Pro?

Which buttons, and which meaning of faster (slow performance? or inefficient user interaction, less steps to click?)

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What I mean is that I would like to have a higher sensitivity in the tool-buttons.

As it is now can´t I get a new tool whit me unless I wait a couple of milliseconds on the tool button before I move the cursor. We are talking here about a realy “hair fine difference”.

I uses a gaming mouse with the highest sensitivity so the problem is not there… Therefore looking for some parameter in sketch up to manually change (if it exists)

Again, what tool buttons?

How about the shortcut keys?

Shotcut Keys

Maybe you need to be looking at the mouse settings or some other issue with the way the mouse is connected to the PC.

This is a rare one, but I have experienced it.
It is annoying and hard t describe to someone who hasn’t seen it. I found it to be a graphic card driver issue.
You don’t tell us what Graphic Card you have so please fill in that part of your profile.
Two things that should fix your issue, not guaranteed though, repair your installation by finding the install.exe and right click on it and select Run as Administrator and choose repair when the option is given.
Also go to the website of your graphic card and download the latest driver for it. It could help to Roll Back to an earlier driver if that doesn’t fix it.

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Um…human reflex time is more like 150-250 milliseconds. Anything faster is perceptually instantaneous. I assume you are speaking loosely, not technically.

I would argue you can perceive shorter times. You don’t experience it as time passed though but more like sluggish, irresponsive sensation, like when moving a heavy object.

“A couple of milliseconds” sounds very low though. Now we’re close to the time it takes to actually execute a command.

This is the buttons whit slow respons and it has noting to do whit the settings i the mouse howe is set on highest gest speed

How do you notice a long response time? These button hardly do anything until you move the mouse back to the viewport and start using the tools.

Buttons don’t have any sensitivity. It’s binary, either there is a click or not. SketchUp can’t do anything about that (except if we are talking about lag between click and action).

But you could check your operating system’s mouse/trackpad driver settings for pressure sensitivity or minimum duration.

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Thank you all for good suggestions and dedication in this case but it is neither the mouse setting nor the graphics card (in this case.)

The reason for the question is that in many HMI screens can be parameter the sensitivity and response to ex Toggel buttons and I think it should also be possible to do in SketchUp, which apparently is not possible to do in SketchUp // Mats

Sensitivity is a hardware option, not a software option. It is literally impossible to program a button in a digital interface so it knows how hard you pressed your mouse at it. The computer knows when and where the mouse is pressed and released, not how hard or fast you clicked. If you want to change this, ask your mouse manufacturer for drivers that emulates a touch screen, or ask the OS developers for reinventing what a mouse is. This is not something that could be implemented in SketchUp, or any otehr software for that matter.

Having had this problem I still know this as a graphic issue. I would suggest trying different drivers for your card. The card you won’t tell us about.

I seem to remember this from a little while back and remember it being related to our of date drivers as well.

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As I mentioned briefly in my earlier post, in my experience it wasn’t solved originally by an update but by a roll back. On the particular computer it took quite some time before a driver update worked. I used an older driver for many months.

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Ewery softwearbutton has a short filtertime of a coupen of millisekunds defoult in it basic operatioprogram, this is something thats absolute nessesery for make the program work at all,

IF not you hade be able to move the courser at all over the screen whitout make any action from the softwearbuttom the cousor moving over.

It is in that case egalt IF the buttom trakt on positiv or negativ flank.

Nomaly you adjust that whit the sensibilitet in the mouse butik the case whit the toolbuttom is that not good enouf. What i ask for is IF anyone knowes IF its possebly to j

adjust the ”filtertime” of the toplbuttom eg t

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show us the delay you refer too…

it appears to be instantaneous to me…