Fast way to eliminate stray line on faces of STL imports?

I’d like to create 2d drawings of these gear faces, from this imported STL (for laser cutting)…
The erase tool does work, but is there a better, more automated work flow for capturing flat faces from imported STLs?

There are tons of plugins to erase coplanar edges, I personally use “Cleanup 3”, which can also fix multiple different problems with models.
Please notice that erasing those edges maybe will make the model more comfortable to handle for further editing, but will not reduce in any significant way the “wheight” of the model cpu/gpu-wise.

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You could draw a face and center it vertically in the gear that you want only 2d from, then intersect the face with the gear.

Basics here:

You can then copy the 2d off to the side, make it a group and repeat for all the parts you need.

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Tick the box for “merge coplanar faces” in the import STL settings…


As @tweenulzeven mentioned, a correctly imported stl shouldn’t have extra edges on flat faces.

But as a side note, people often miss a built in function of the Section Plane, Create group from Slice. This allows you so easily create a face that matches your chosen plane within a shape.
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