Farm Girl Component

I started with this picture I found on the Internet:

Using Gimp, I converted it to grayscale and then set the threshold high enough to get a decent mask:

Using the BMP Importer plugin, I created the outline from the mask:

Adding texture from the original image:

Last step, scale to size and make it a component with “Always face camera” checked:

farm_girl.skp (268.0 KB)


One might ask where you were looking when you found her, but I won’t.

And for those of you who want her in glorious 3d I whipped this one up for your delectation.
FarmGirl 3d.skp (253.7 KB)


I might ask why @Box would make a girl in a box … but I won’t.


Very alluring. Daisy Dukes, nice embonpoint, carrying an apple … but no snake visible. Are you modelling Eden by any chance?

I don’t think that Eve wore Daisy Dukes :wink:

I wanted an image of a person that had a blank background. Once I had the image, it took less than three minutes to create the component from scratch. Just an experiment in workflow.

A higher resolution image would have been better.

You’re right of course, at least before that apple got bit into. Afterwards, what she chose to wear is open to debate. But I think we can safely say that she never watched the Dukes of Hazzard so it probably wasn’t hot pants. Come to think of it, how many real cowgirls wear hot pants, I wonder? Bit chafing, I imagine.

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In hindsight, I should have chosen a different graphic. Here’s another one to balance things out:

Barbarian.skp (810.6 KB)

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