"Falha para abrir o documento" - Algúem consegue me ajudar com esse erro aqui?

Boa tarde. Até ontem esse arquivo abria tranquilamente. Ao tentar abrir ele hoje, recebi a seguinte mensagem: “Failed to open document.” Será que alguém consegue me ajudar a recuperar? Estou nesse projeto há mais de um mês… Obrigado desde já!

Translated by Google:

I loked at your file. It appears to be be a lot of zeroes. I couldn’t recover anything from it. @colin might have better luck if he has time to look at it but I wouldn’t count on it.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile shows “Free Plan” which is web based. Is that right? What operating system? ‘4’ does not answer that question. Please correct your forum profile.

Sharing the same file again doesn’t change anything. The file is still corrupted.

Where have you been saving the file as you worked on it?

Do you have the .skb backup copy? If so, share that.

não tenho, somente esse… é possível fazer algo?

There should be a .skb file in the same folder where you saved the .skp file. If you don’t have it and if Colin is unable to recover anything from the file you did share, the only option for you would be to start over on the file. Make sure you are saving it in a folder on the internal drive on your computer, not to an external drive or to the cloud.

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