Extensions that deconstructs the model

Is there an extension that deconstruct the model

What do you mean by deconstructing the model?

Fredo6 use to have a sub-tool in his extension Fredo Tools that would deconstruct groups or components with-in a model by pulling them apart and positioning them in a 360º sequence by the touch of a button and then reassemble them with another click of the button, however this tool can’t be found in Fredo Tools. is there another extension that does this?

Do you mean you want to make an exploded view of your model?

yes, but without exploding the groups or components

I remember I did something of this caliber in 2015 however I never had a need for it until now.

I don’t remember FredoTools ever having that feature. There are a couple of extensions for making exploded views. One is called Eclate-Deplace from Sketchucation. I’ve never found an extension that will make exploded views correctly though. It’s easy enough to pull the components apart with the Move tool. I make lots of exploded views and Move works perfectly for that.

And yes, avoid using Explode in the context menu.

Yes That is correct. I’m trying to make a assembly parts diagram for my shop to de-assemble a complex table so my crew can have a precise picture on how to reassemble it. I’m under a time crunch, Thank you.

Well, try that extension. Good luck with it

I do this all the time with joinery for timber structures.

Do a save as, then, assuming all the parts of your model are groups or components - start moving them apart from one another.

Try FredoAnimator - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMjPkJiIVZo

I too create exploded views by manually moving copies of components. In 3D space there are too many possibilities of where each part could be moved, and few arrangements that show how they are supposed to go back together - which is normally the point. Think of all the parts diagrams you must have seen wherein it takes some study to decipher how things mate up. And that’s with a human draftsperson working to make it clear!