Extensions doesn't appear in Preferences

SUPro 2021 on a Mac. I’ve been trying to download the sketchUcation Extension Store v4.1.0 which says that it’ll open with a SU file. However, the category Extensions does not appear in my Preferences window. What am I not doing correctly?

Extensions hasn’t appeared in Preferences for a number of versions. If you are using the most recent release of SU2021, the Extension Manager is found at the top of the Extensions menu and Install Extension will be found at the bottom of that window.

Evidently the installation instructions at Sketchucation need a bit of updating for the newer versions of SketchUp.

Hi Dave. It doesn’t appear there either. If I go to Extension Manager/Install Extension, it goes to my Desktop, and it is not found there.
I just found the solution: when downloading, the default is Save/Open with SU. If instead, it is saved to the Desktop or Documents, it can be found there.

Sorry. I presumed you had already downloaded and saved the extension to some location on your computer. There’s never going to be a time where you will want to use Open with Sketchup to open an extension file.