Extension warehouse

I cant get into the extension warehouse , the following message comes up. can you help please
"Something went wrong during the authentication process. Please try signing in again".
Even when i go to the sign in button the same message come up


Have you already tried the advice given in this recent tread of the same issue?

raymon: Try login via 3d warehouse directly at www.trimble.3dwarehouse.com.
I have Trimble login set for remembers ( si stay logged in) but if you are given options to log in use the Trimble one not the Google case. It has some different pwd rules vs old Google one and seems to work better. If that works the only difference is you will have to save download then open in Su vs bringing directly in. If you do the same within SU but slect the option to stay login then it appears to better work also.
Hope this helps. I’ve been fussing with how certificates are handled and my system may be different than all others.
I am not inferring this is global solution Trimble needs to issue that.
Do not mess with certs on your machine this could affect over all security.