Extension to create parallel paths?

Hi folks

I’m finding that I frequently have to create a series of edges for things like paths, roads, handrails, walls, tree branches, etc.

The method for this involves drawing an edge, followed by a curve, followed by another edge. to create a path…this is the Centreline of the object I’m modelling.

Then, I have to offset each side of the path to create two more, parallel to the Centreline. Then clean up any overlaps fill the gaps, etc etc.

Is there a way that this can be done automagically? So as I draw the path, the two offsets are drawn simultaneously?
I’ve looked around but couldnt find an existing extension.

Is the path a simple 2D one, not 3D?


For 2D path, using Didier Bur - Double Line extension

Ah, okay that gets me most of the way there…its a smal timesaver.

Not sure why i didnt think to search for the term “Double Line” !

Thanks for your help.

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