Extension required to sign up for chrome browser?

I am attempting to sign up for the free version of Sketchup using Chrome Version 78.0.3904.70 (Official Build) (64-bit). This has not gone well. There are several links to extensions that are apparently for use with the Microsoft browsers but not applicable to Chrome. I really would like to avoid using Microsoft browsers if at all possible. Could anyone out there direct me on how to get out of the maze?

I am not sure what you mean. In Chrome, go to my.sketchup.com and sign in with a Trimble ID.
If you do not have a Trimble ID, you can make one.
The activation link that you would receive, might open a tab in your standard browser, it could be that microsoft changed that setting (standard browser)
Anyway, once the activation is done, there is a page that asked were you would like to go from there.(amongst one of them is the extension warehouse)
Just close the tab and go to my.sketchup.com

Yeah I get that, however I’m stuck at step 1. After I have put in an email address, name, password and checked the “I am not a robot” box, the page turns into a deer in the headlights. Eventually the “I am not a robot” box times out and deselects. The orange rectangle below is not doing anything that I can see.

Did you ever used an Google account? You might try that.

This is what I see:

Step 1: if the email is not a Trimble ID:

Step 2: fill in the name etc:

Step 3: confirmation that an email is sent to activate the account

You would have to check your email first (the mail could be in the spamfolder) and press the activation link in that email,before you click ‘Sign in’

Your suggestion on using a Google Account worked perfectly. Thank you for the assistance. Now the fun begins, my last formal training in drafting involved a drafting table and a sharp pencil.