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Yeah, you can mix Line + Style of your choice and it won’t revert to default when you export.

At the moment .png does not export with transparency, but I can fix that as soon as I can.

Thanks for the questions!


Oh great, when you do post here and let me know and you will have another customer, unfortunately transparent .png is critical to my workflow.



No problem thankfully transparent .png is easy to implement.



CompoScene Update v2.0.1

Export Feature

Added transparent export option for:

  • PNG
  • TiFF
Note: Remember to disable the ‘Sky’ checkbox in the Style Tray options if you want the background to be fully transparent.


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Fixed in CompoScene v2.0.2

  • Web Dialog will not appear if exit button is pressed.
  • Message Box asking ‘Do you want to Exit?’ after clicking outside the CompoScene UI will not be displayed now.
  • WebDialog has been modified & resized.
  • Module names have been changed.
  • Changed require .rb which bypassed the extension registration system preventing users from being able to disable the extension.
  • Now when you delete all scenes the style kept is the one in the first slot.
  • Default page is created with the style used before creating channels.
  • Fixed Save button from being hit without the export button being active.
  • Fixed bug that activated transparency on jpg resulting in white background on the alpha channel.
  • Updated Extension Info as well.


Delete the previous version of CompoScene before installing the new version to avoid problems…

Go to Plugins folder and delete:

  • MiSU_CompoScene (folder)
  • MiSU_CompoScene.rb

Download Here…

CompoScene is in continuous development and since I am a solo developer it’s helpful when I receive feedback on what to fix or add next.

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100%…the variety of colours, styles and arrangements can make workspaces look so cluttered. I guess it wouldn’t be that hard to mirror native SU GUI style/layout?


Hello, SketchUp Heroes!


CompoScene is now on Extension Warehouse…

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