Extension and how do i use it once installed

hi new to the community . Ive just downloaded thom thom extension and install it on my extension manager but i dont know how i can open to use it

Which extension did you download and install? He’s written quite a few of them.

hi Dave R

ive downlaoded edge tools its installed and on my extension manager but i just dont know how to get it to run on a piece of work

Read the information on the extension’s page.


Did you also install the required TT_Lib2?

What is it that you want Edge Tools to do in your model?

hi Dave i have the problem sovled thanks for your help


How did you solve it?

Well firstly I couldn’t see it in my tools selection bar after I closed the program down I re opened it and it was in the tools bar at the bottom I then downloaded two more extension and once installed it produced another tab call extension . Basically I didn’t do any thing . I think I might have been a bit impatient . But it was good to use the forum for the first time and to get help . Once again thank you

This is normal behavior for many extension.