Exporting KMZ from Google Earth 2018



Hi guys,

At work I need to refine a location of Toronto. I thought using google earth to export any basic geos that people made but look like the FILE/EXPORT command disappear.

Is there a new way to do it? Or there is no way now to export only import sketchUp geos.


Are you very sure an “Export” menu existed? There has been a FileSave menu where you can save screenshots (as raster graphics) or placemarks and Keyhole markup (as KML/KMZ files).

What are you trying to achieve? Basic geometries in Google Earth are colored KML lines/linestrings and polygons.

  • Do you want to save changes you made to a KML file that you imported before?

  • Do you instead mean 3D models that are part of the 3D buildings layer (not imported)? These are property of Google and neither available nor licensed other than for viewing purposes.