Exporting DXF to Biessework need help

Hi !
I have a problem with the DXF export to Biessework CNC. How to export from SU and get a full line for the CNC software to recognize.

Thanks for your help

How are you exporting, are you using 2d/3d export? I take it you want the cutting path to be a continuous polyline from you comment, but it’s in the form of many segments instead?

Can you share the DXF and SKP files?

it’s in the form of many segments and that’s why it doesn’t work. I try 2D and 3D many way from the export option but always the same result. I can desing something to share.

2D_Option%20Capture 2D_test.dxf (9,6 Ko)
3D_Option%20Capture 3D_Test.dxf (6,2 Ko)
Circle_test.skp (78,5 Ko)

Here a couple of screen shot and DXF, SKP

You can be successful to a certain extent with the native exporter to derive a true circles and Arcs from SketchUp with the native exporter. You need to use 3d export. However, you have not exported edges if my French is still ok, thus making the 3d DXF you provided seem empty to me. If you export edges the you should derive a true circle from that…


For more complicated shapes including a combination of edges, arcs etc the native exporter will give you some havoc in providing useful cnc friendly output that is a polyline for a toolpath. There is an extension brought about from discussion on the forum that creates beautiful DXF files. Here’s a thread with information, its paid but there is a free trial too. "Simple DXF" CNC exporter

Thanks for your help Ian, I will try this extension

No problem, I can say from experience that the extension is well worth it after the trouble I’ve had with the native exporter. If you tag Gkernan the plugin author in the “Simple DXF” thread he will probably help you he’s very responsive. Or tag me there and I may be able to help out otherwise.

That’s very hepful, it’s about 5 days i’m on this case. Before I work with AXYZ cnc and I don’t have this trouble because I just have to import .skp in vcarve and it’s fast.

Export 3D with only Arêtes look everything ok. I will make a test monday morning with it on the cnc machine and comme back with the result to help others.

After a couple of test, here is the fastest solution I find to export DXF to biessework.

  1. We have to select only the face from the SU piece
  2. File \ export and in the option select only arêtes
  3. Choose DXF
  4. In biesse importe your piece

Work really good and I don’t have to use a plugin.
Hope that help