Exporting DWG files from LO

I don’t often have to export DWG files but I do get asked occasionally. I tried it a few moments ago.

Here is what the LO file looks like:

And here is what the output file looks like:

I had to change the page orientation in QCad because that info didn’t transfer. I don’t expect the fonts to match but I would have expected the scene viewport to be in the right place.

Are there some settings I should be using to make the output look more like the original?

Also, weirdly, the date has disappeared from the text box.

Is there a LayOut and DWG file you could post? What kind of settings did you use?
The viewport looks like it has moved and been cropped by half of its width and height

Thanks for the file, Simon.
I wonder if what you are experiencing is a QCad problem with paperspace viewports. This is what the file looks like in Autodesk DWG TrueView:

Looks OK to me…
I wonder if using Vector instead of Hybrid would change matters. Hybrid adds an image XREF to the export that might confuse matters further. Or then, you might use the “Export for SketchUp” option that compresses everything into Model space, but you would have to scale the result back up in your CAD app to gei it to full scale.


Thanks for looking at that. I have just looked at the DWG in Autodesk Viewer and, as you say, it looks pretty similar to the LO drawing, except for the fonts and that PNG reference plastered across the middle of the page. So maybe it is a QCad thing. I only use QCad to look at DWG files and measure things.