Exporting as 3d dwg/dxf makes some kind of mesh overlapping

Hi! When I try to export even simple cylinder as 3d model (DWG or DXF) it looks like mesh has some overlapping.

I’m trying to export my model and want curves be really curves. I have read the post here https://forums.sketchup.com/t/exporting-to-dwg-and-dxf-curves/16066/16 and tried to check if it works as here was described. But as you can see even exporting simple extruded circle (cylinder) looks weird.

test.dwg (112.6 КБ)

You have exported both the faces and the circles. The 3D export can export your arcs and circles as AutoCad arcs and circles, but faces will still remain facetted polyfaces. They won’t become NURBS surfaces.

But when I choose only edges it looks more strange I don’t know why is this happening.

and when choose only faces it looks more natural but here and there segments can be seen…