Exporting animation with Diffusion

It looks like it’s not possible to export animation with scenes imported from DIFFUSION. Is that the case? When I export an animation it only exports the basic model fly through without any diffusion scenes.

Diffusion only generates images, if you want to make a video out of images gerentes by diffusion you must do it on another video editing software, but you’ll have to create a lot of scenes and images so it looks like a virtual tour and not just images skipping from one place to another. There’s a plugin called camera recorder that can generate as many scenes as you want to make it look like a virtual tour, but you’ll have to generate diffusion images from every scene that the plugin creates, if you set it to generate 25 fps it will generate 25 scenes for every second of video, multiply it for the length of the video and you’ll know how many renders you’ll have to create.

The problem with it is that there can be elements on your model that diffusion could interpret them differently from one image to another, or materials cause diffusion isn’t a rendering engine that respects the geometry or textures faithfully, I recommend you to try Enscape, it will save you a lot of time and it will render faithfully whatever you have on your model, and as it is a real time rendering engine a video could me made in just few minutes compared to the hours that will take you to generate images from diffusion then edit them and make a video with another software.