Export scenes to animation

I’d like my students to create a walk-through animation of their buildings, and that was certainly easy to do with Sketchup Make, but I’m confused about how to export the scenes in the new Sketchup for Schools.
Creating the scenes is a cinch, but how do we get it out of the program as a .mp4?

Also, the section planes don’t appear when playing the scenes.



Unfortunately, neither SketchUp Free nor SketchUp for Schools have the ability to render a Scene-based animation into a video file. That is a very compute-expensive operation that results in very large files and we cannot effectively do that in your browser’s javascript execution environment. In the future, we may be able to offer this as a part of a cloud rendering service. Nothing to announce today, however.

You should still be able to accomplish this task in either SketchUp Pro or Make desktop client applications. Not sure why section planes aren’t working for you… maybe post a model that shows the problem?


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