Exporting 2D faces from Sketchup to Adobe Illustrator


you should switch the view to parallel ( not perspective ) and edit the background to remove the sky for clarity.

As @anssi says check the “high accuracy box”

Also for a laser cut, you would need to select the right outlines for each part. Right now you have them all.
You would need to select certain faces (shapes) and isolate them. Might be easier to separate them in sketchup than illustrator?

microsoft pdf should be the same as adobe pdf.


While this is a little exaggerated, you can see that if the view isn’t of a single face, or in parallel mode, the resulting lines in illustrator will be off. So while you get the line work, it will be in perspective and not truely square for cutting.


Alright, I have the 2D face now, but how do I know that it’s to scale?
mm.pdf (32.2 KB)


were you able to use the “high accuracy HLR” checkbox when printing to pdf?

What you have right now is a raster image.


Yes, I was able to use the “high accuracy” option while printing to PDF.