Export to PDF displays graph paper

I sent files from SU to layout prepared my document and exported to PDF when I open the PDF it shows graph paper. I thought I had selected the wrong paper and did it again this time making sure to select plain paper. Same result. I then opened a new doc straight from Layout and just drew some squares and exported to PDF. Same results. I have exported many doc’s in past with no problem. This just started yesterday out of the blue. Both SU and Layout have become very buggy lately. Very frustrating hard to accomplish anything now.

Looks like somehow your ‘Print Grid’ option has been turned on.
File -> Document Setup… then select Grid then uncheck ‘Print Grid’


It is not

I was able to export as jpeg successfully, png doesn’t work, also I opened and exported an old file I had successfully exported to PDF before and I’m getting the same results.

I also rebooted my laptop with same results

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