Export SketchUp to Unreal Engine

So let’s go back to where this Thread started.

Workflow Update:

  1. Model everything in Sketchup.
  2. Export using Datasmith.

A. Export with pre applied Textures/Materials and add properties in UE4?
B. Export without Textures and Add them later in UE4?

3.Import to UE4 via Datasmith.

1.What is your workflow if you need changes in your model after you have already set up the materials and Lighting in UE4. Say there is a change in design of your doors and windows. Any suggestions?

I’m thinking of isolating that part of the model in skp, but maintaining its skp world position, Export and import it as another datasmith file, and hopefully it follows that same position similar to paste in place. Because as far as I know, UE4 is not that good at inferences/snapping. I could just try this out but I’d like to know your thoughts and suggestions.

I think Sketchup needs to coordinate this with UE4, maybe have some streamlined connectivity/bridge in between the two.

or I just don’t know what i’m saying because I am very new to UE4.

Isn’t this workflow sorta superceded by Epic Games purchasing Twinmotion ?

I kind of more into UE4’s Animation controls. I’ve tried Twinmotion. I don’t like its lighting and material editor. It also has limited Animation controls. I’m into keyframes. But I’m also looking forward for the twins 2020 release. See if there are other improvements other than what we saw from their trailer.

Seeking guidance to use Unreal & SketchUp together.

I can’t find the SketchUp Exporter plugin for Datasmith anywhere. I just decided yesterday to check out Unreal rendering – perhaps at an awkward transition time? Is Unreal now pushing TwinMotion and removing SU / Unreal support? Nevermind, I found the plugin. I guess there was a delay between the release of UE 4.24 & a compatible exporter plugin.

I did a quick test of TwinMotion (my first time rendering) and it was indeed a very fast & easy, one-click sort of thing. But out of the box it seems as oversimplified as UE does overly complex – I guess I need to learn more about TM, its plugins, its options, and its roadmap for the future.

Ultimately I want to explore my architectural models with physics collision & game-style controls (or VR).