Export dxf, next one defaults to dwg

When I export a dxf, then go to do another, the next one is exporting as a dwg, and I need to change it back to dxf. Can that be fixed? I’m on Win if that matters, using SUp 2022.

So no one has any ideas or even guesses as to what I could do or try?

I asked on the MSoft support forum and they’re no help. How can I escalate this up to the SUp support people?

wow SUp support offers No support? I’ve been a user since Ver 3.

Here’s their answer when I asked for help …

To better serve the needs of all customers’ technical issues and ensure that all customers are assisted as quickly as possible, we are unable to offer how-to or tutorial services for SketchUp. How-to assistance is provided via the forum, not through Support, per our Support policy: https://help.sketchup.com/en/maintenance-and-support-policy#technical-support

Hey @Colin, what other help options do I have with this dxf issue?

Did you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the installer and selecting Run as administrator? Are you exporting 3D models or 2D Images? On my PC SketchUp remembers the last export file type I selected.

Yes that’s the way I installed it, and these are 2d dxf images Dave.

would a Repair be worth a shot? If I reinstall will I loose my Shortcuts?

It wouldn’t hurt. And no, you won’t lose your shortcuts.

Sorry for not noticing your post sooner.

That is a strange symptom. Looks like it wasn’t a problem in SketchUp 8, but was by SketchUp 2019. Not sure exactly which version broke things.

I couldn’t find an existing bug report about the problem, so I made one. It’s SU-53287 in our system.

I think it’s version 2022 when I first noticed this.

Are you able to reproduce it? I’m not.

Yes. I tried 2023, then SketchUp 8, then 2019. See the problem in 2023 and 2019, but not in SketchUp 8. Only happens on Windows.


so after a bug report, does someone start looking into this bug? Will someone contact me and ask questions? How long might this take?