Export cutting dimensions to ERP

Firstly, apologies for the very loose question, but I have been tasked with finding a plugin (or a way) to get dimension data from our SketchUp drawings and exporting to a file (or files) that we can import into our ERP system for quoting.

Currently we are doing a SketchUp model of the job, then going back and working out materials and sizes for the job, with a lot of double data entry in between. I have been thrown this curve ball and have no idea where to start. Any leads or tips much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

There are many ways to send data from SketchUp to an ERP system.

Does the ERP system have a data import function?
If so, which file formats can it read?
Maybe there is an existing SketchUp extension, such as Quantifier Pro, with a file export that suits your requirements.
Or you could develop a data export function that seamlessly connects to the data import function of the ERP system.

Do you want a direct link between both systems?
Then it is important to know whether your ERP system has an API.
You can develop a direct link between both systems.

Many thanks for the response Nick. I appreciate it.

You raise some important questions. Initially I am interested in any way of exporting data from SketchUp (my knowledge is minimal unfortunately). The ERP is very custom, and old, without an API, so it would require some data manipulation I would imagine (which is fine).

Both the Quantifier Pro and the “data export function” sound like they could be viable solutions. I will do some research on both.

Thanks again for your response.

You might find that the Generate Report functionality built in to Sketchup will do what you need, or one of several CutList plugins.

They will output details of the quantities, types and sizes (based on their bounding boxes) of named components and groups, and attached material(s). You can define different types of component either by some part of their name, or some other property like assigned material.

In woodworking, for example, for which CutList plugins were first designed, you can differentiate between sheet material and wooden parts, or designate some components as Parts.

You’re welcome!

As @john_mcclenahan points out, it’s also worth checking out the native Genereate Report function.

All options mentioned affect the way the objects are modeled in SketchUp.

The Generate Report function and the Quantifier Pro extension can read data, but also require a certain object structure.
If you are going to develop a data export function, you will also have to define a certain data / object structure.
Keep this in mind, that avoids unnecessary frustration later in the process.

The Generate Report function (found in the File menu) can output CSV (comma separated values) plain data format. See if your ERP program can read this data format.

User Guide: Generate Report

Ah! Brilliant info! Thanks Dan, Nick, and John! I think this is just what I needed.