Export a mesh from SketchUp to 3ds Max preserving quad topology

Who knows is that possible to export from SU to 3ds max a mesh which has a quad topology in order it can be opened in 3ds max as quad mesh (without triangulation)? I have tried different file formats but no success, even tried vray mesh/scene exporter but as far as I know it always triangulate meshes. But before it I was experimenting doing vice versa: export quad mesh from 3ds max to SU and probably find out that the best way is using file format like .obj, but it loses UV mapping. I have made today a post here. Please, say If someone knows the best way to do it so and vice versa. Thanks. Here is a link to my today’s post on sketchucation. Thanks


Any ideas? @thomthom could help with advice as long as you the developer of SubD plugin and you know more about quads. Thanks!

QuadFace Tools has an OBJ exporter that preserves quads.


yes, I know it. But 3ds max can not import .obj file from sketchup reporting an error 'invalid vertex index" while if export an obj from 3ds max and import it back to 3ds max everyrhing works nice. Of course I was trying to find out a solution but didn’t find anything. It is only said on some forum that sketchup itself writes some data that can not be correctrly recognized in max and it cause an error.

Well, in this case it’s the QuadFace Tools extension, not SketchUp itself. And these files are readable in Windows own 3d viewer as well as importable in Blender. So that’s rather strange.

Can you send me an example OBJ file?

Wait, are you using QuadFace Tools’ exporter, or SketchUp’s exporter?

both. And each one can not be exported correctly… wait a minute I’ll send you an example

here is an .obj file. test obj.zip (28.8 КБ)

What exporter did you use for this file?

QuadFaceTools exporter

hm… that file imports fine in PhotoShop, Windows 3D Viewer, Windows 3D Painter and Blender. That indicates that 3DsMax isn’t doing the right thing here.

I don’t have access to 3DsMax, so it’s hard for me to debug this. Only thing I see in the file that I could imagine could cause issues is cyrillic characters in the object names. But you said max complained about vertex index numbers?

Doesn’t max have some sort of a console? Does that yield any more details upon importing?

I’d push 3dsmax support more on this, pointing out the other applications that are able to read these files.

The same about me. Only 3ds max can not import it. I’m using 3ds Max 2020 and tried to do it on 2019 too.

Yes, I have attached i gif above.

didn’t find it

Unfortunately that gif doesn’t give me much to work with. If it’s mentioned what vertex index then that would have been a good clue.

Can you make a cube in SU and export that with QFT? Then see if that works?

Then try to create a cube in max, or any other application, that will import back into max.

Then send both files to me so I can compare.

Yes, and it doesn’t work too.

Done. Even a cube created in PhotoShop and exported as .obj can be opened in 3ds Max correctly.
Here is a zip archive.
test cubes obj.zip (50.7 КБ)

did you try exporting a 3ds from SU?


yes, but it doesn’t preserving quad topology. the mesh becomes triangulated

Which OBJ importer? QFT has an OBJ importer as well. It should preserve quads. But if max triangulates upon export then there isn’t much to do about that.

SU imports .obj from max fine saving its quad topology except the fact that UVs are missing. But here John ment to export from SU to Max as .3ds. And you said above that QFT obj exporter can export a mesh from SU to Max saving quad topology.