Export 2D from SketchUp showing labels, Possible?

Sometimes I just want to throw a few labels on a model and quickly share a 2D graphic with someone to illustrate a particular point. This is a visual aid in a fast moving design conversation, it does not warrant a Layout file, just a quick image with some notes on it.

I have yet to find a file format in SketchUp pro that actually exports WYSIWYG. In most of the graphic formats the labels are gone (clipping plane issue with the exporter?). The labels are present in .pdf but of course the textures and transparencies are unsupported. I end up taking screen shots instead.

Does anyone have a successful way of exporting images with labels? Am I missing something? Is this issue fixed in SU23?

Made up example, no lives were lost in the exporting of this .jpg :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::

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I have to admit I do a fair amount of simple screen grabs for quick email or text. Command-Option-Shift-4 copies to the clipboard* and if you go straight to Apple’s Preview you can Create New from clipboard, and if SU’s notes don’t cut it, I add “Circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one**” in Preview, and then save/export as JPG/PNG as needed.

(*Hmm that worked in High Sierra, but now I’m on Monterey and there seems to be more to it than that.)

(**Sorry, old fart obligatory Alice’s Restaurant reference)

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Preview has Export, as a way get get PNG and JPEG. You also could do command-option-shift-s to do a Save As. You should try Command-Shift-5 as well. That has a bunch of options, and does screen recording as well as stills.

Is this a Mac-specific thing? I rarely if ever add labels in SketchUp for image exports but just tried it now. This is what I get.

Export size affects text size. I set the text to 24 pt. The image above is at screen size. Here’s the same thing exported at 6000 px wide.

Here I have the font set to 8 point and the 6000 px wide export.

Is it possible your text is there but too small at the size you have set?