Expert Advice: Building a House in Ireland

Seánie McRant is full to the brim with opinions and advice on a vast range of topics. He fancies himself as an authority on construction. In this short video he gives his best advice when deciding where to build a house and what considerations to keep in mind.

Seánie is looking for subscriptions on his YouTube channel called “Ban The Internet” (He wants to ban the internet.)

[Irish Etiquette Part 2: Building A House - YouTube]Building a House In Ireland)


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I’ve missed you!

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Fair Play Dave. Good to hear from you!

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He has copied your style of presentation or then it is you with different spectacles…
Ban the Internet… It is an idea… Should it be announced by mail? Who gets to lick all the stamps?

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Yes it is LeCorb under a different guise. Again, I have little control over what he says. I’m only the messenger.


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Seánie is promoting “Pencil Technology” as a means of written communication.

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but will it make it’s mark?


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