Experimenting with lighting on a character apartment

Experimenting with lighting on a character apartment Modelled in SU and rendered with Twinmotion with 3D warehouse and Sketchfab models


nice :slight_smile:

I saw your other post here

You know, this is the gallery section, if you want, instead of creating a new thread for every image / project, you can also post them as answers in one single thread.

it then becomes your own personal gallery, where you post all sorts of things you make :slight_smile:
that was, we can find all your work at once

here are a few examples of what I mean

Sleepless Night - #666 by DaveR

Models by Royce - #214 by Royce

anyway, keep at it, show us stuff :slight_smile:

edit : just to be clear, I’m saying that because on your profile I saw many more projects, and the forum makes it a bit complex to find them all.
Centralizing can be an option.
but really, you don’t have to :wink:


Ah, thank you mate, so very simple, I just post more images as a reply to my first post?

Yes, You can rename the title of one of your thread as something like “Stevo’s gallery” or something and then simply answer to the thread with new stuff.

and if you want to consolidate your previous threads, you can make a post like this one :

He liked all his previous projects for future reference, just in case :slight_smile:

edit : I says rename, you could also start clean fresh with one final new thread and centralise stuff eh :slight_smile:
Basically treat it like a blog.

I miss blogs :slight_smile:

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