Experience of using Sketchup to IES (VE-SBEM) to produce EPCs in the UK


I’m looking for someone who has experience of using Sketchup to create a building model from scratch to then export to IES (VE-SBEM).

This is for the purpose of creating an EPC (non-domestic) only.

Currently i’m using G-iSBEM but I want to see if the Sketchup/IES route is any easier/quicker seeing as I already have Sketchup Pro.

I’m very familiar with the iSBEM software but the layout appears to be slightly different going through the IES route so I could do with a walkthrough to make sure i’m not missing anything.

If anyone has experience of producing non-domestic EPCs in the UK this way I would appreciate a start to finish walkthrough just utilising the functions required so i’m not making it more complex than it needs to be.