Exact resizing from Warehouse

hi there,

I want to download an object (Table) from Warehouse, but adjust it to exact size (W, H, D) of a Table I intend to use in my actual design.

I don’t want to have to calculate scaling (eg. 1.3 etc.) and thought there was a way to override the height, depth and width to match my specifications.

Can anyone outline the steps? or small video?

I am working from Mac if that makes any difference to the explanation.

Thanks a lot in advance.

If you know one dimension and want the others to ‘follow’, try this:
Select Table, hit ‘S’ or activate the Scale tool and grab a green handle in the middle.
While dragging with the left mouse button, also hold down Shift in order to scale ‘uniform’.
exaggerate the size to be sure it is uniform, first let go of the left mouse button, then release Shift!

type the known dimension (eg. 70cm, Enter)

Untitled 2


Thanks guys! , I was following the right process but was omitting to put in mm for Millimetre – silly error