EW broken?

Does that mean it is going by compatibility check rather than version date? Some of these older ones state compatibility with SketchUp 2020

No. Nothing to do with compatibility.

Only, and exactly means that the sort by date does not work and must to be repaired.
That’s it.

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27 weeks and counting, it boggles the mind…

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28 weeks and still no indication of SketchUp / Trimble resolving the problem.

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29 weeks and counting without a fix, what a disgrace!


The extension details page still shows the “created” date (without that label) in place of what users expect as “last updated” date. Extensions look like they never received updates!

It seemed like one of the many small fixes that were promised to follow after the big initial release was accomplished. If this is how it’s going forward, will EWH2 soon be in a state like EWH1?


Just to sum up so the whole thread doesn’t need to be read again, what are the concerns raised here?

  • No intuitive way to browse all extensions (like the Browse All button in old EW; searching for “” isn’t that obvious).
  • No way to sort by date? Or is it sort by relevance that is broken? (This along with Browse All is a good way to see what’s happening)
  • Extension info page showing initial publish date instead of date of the current version
  • General concerns about slow development

What else? (trying to keep it short and simple)


By the method from my OP, it used to report the most recent released extensions, be it new extensions or a revision on previously published extensions.