Estimates of slopes and heights from Sketch-up pro for Real time PV systems designing


I want to ask one question related to designing of Terran land and installation of solar modules on it. It needs accurate estimates of slopes and height of obstructions like trees and buildings. How can I do that with sketch-up pro.?


One can build a highly accurate model with SketchUp.
But the model you build can only be as accurate as the site information you have at hand.

Terrain models imported via SU Pro’s Add Location feature are general in nature.
There are SketchUp Extensions for bringing real-world site survey data into SU.


Like any software, the output is only as accurate as the input.

I understand a lot of PV planning / supply / install companies used SketchUp in the past, with the geolocation feature and then importing data (image / terrain) from Google Earth servers. Sadly this import of data service from Google ended recently and the functionality put in place to replace it isn’t of the same quality or coverage as before, however I understand that they’re actively working towards a better solution.

Either you will have to model the terrain / etc. and project textures onto it or you need to look at a plugin that could help with it, take a look at Placemaker (amongst others) as a start…


Thanks for your guidance.
I am going for Skelion Pro it is also mentioned in the list you provided. Would it really solve the real time designing issues completely.?
do you have an experience of using the Skelion pro.?
Kindly, guide me, out of the provided list of plugins,which will be cost effective and complete solution for this purpose?


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