Escape key on the sketchup for ipad

I just wanted to point out that by default for the magic keyboard users the § button (top left button) should be replaced with the esc command on sketchup for ipad, i know we can reassign to certain buttons but the location is just better on the top left of the keyboard and makes it much more efficient and user friendly.

@malkhammach thanks for the feedback and welcome to the Beta!
I agree with you, and we looked into taking an approach similar to what you’re suggesting here. The thing is that there are at least 16 different magic keyboard layouts, with 10 different keys assigned to the ‘top left’ corner of the keybaord.
While hoping that Apple will put the escape key back, we might instead support the Cmd+period alternative, per iOS. I’m not sure how helpful that will be, since, at the end of the day, it’s not a one-button thing, located in the top-left corner of the keyboard.

first of all thank you for having me on the beta program, additionally i understand that there’s 16 different layouts but on autocad for Ipad they have the top left key to work as the escape key, i don’t know how they managed to do it, but what im trying to say that i think its possible to do.

Do you use a mouse with the keyboard? I can’t imagine drawing with the Apple Pencil and a keyboard.

I personally use the apple pencil, but it would be great to have proper keyboard and mouse support, as many people would want the option to have both.

For sure. Lot’s of work to do on the Keyboard side of things.

Would like to also get your feedback about the current level of mouse support and anything critical that you feel is missing there.

I’ve tried a mouse a little, but not loving it. For one thing, it moves/accelerates too fast or something. Are there mouse settings to control it’s behavior? I’m not finding any.

if it could be possible i suggest to add plugins support since many architects needs these plugins to make sketchup usable for them. It will be a game changer for them. What i would also suggest is to allow the orbiting speed to be adjusted because it’s a little slow by default.

I read on the forums that it’s not possible due to apple policy, but many app games i’ve seen such as call of duty mobile can install many different maps, graphics pack in game, wouldn’t that be modifications of the app feature and against apples policy. So if this allowed how is installing plugins not allowed?

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For me, keeping the app small an agile is we’re I would draw the value. If the app gets too bloated or complicated with plug-ins that would defeat the purpose.

I’d like to keep this thread on-topic going forward & move further discussion on this point elsewhere – but anything offered up has to originate from the developer of the app, and had to be vetted by Apple’s app review team. Also, there are special clauses in Apple’s app review guidelines that differentiate between in-app content (e.g. for games, news, audio, reader, and video apps) and executable code, e.g. additional tools/extensions of the app itself.

So, do your superpowers include the ability to pull these posts out as a new thread?

probably…? But I leave the utilization of such powers to the more esteemed and experienced sages and moderators.

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I don’t recall seeing sages around here Mike. It seems it’s up to someone like you. Having said that, I believe there is a thread about extensions already. I’ll try to find it.

Here it is.

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Quick update to this thread to let you know that with the update to the SketchUp for iPad beta app released earlier today, you can now use cmd+period to escape (per iOS guidelines). I’ll admit that I’ve been using it for a while, and still have trouble remembering it/using it efficiently. My hand still naturally gravitates to the top left corner of the keyboard…
Progress, not perfection.

Not having a keyboard, how do you ESC with just touch and pencil?

2-finger tap pulls double duty on iPad.
If you’re in the middle of an operation, 2-finger tap to cancel. If you’re not in the middle of an operation, 2-finger tap to undo.

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Exiting components is another story…