Error: "You cannot hide the layer the active group or component is on"


I’ve suddenly started getting this error when I try to hide my terrain layer. The current layer is not the layer in question, and as far as I can tell I don’t have anything selected. It also always shows me this error twice i.e. I get the popup and it comes back the moment I dismiss it.


How about sharing the SKP file so we can see your setup?


I’d rather not as it will tell you exactly where I live! Unless there is a
simple way to retain the terrain but lose the location information?


Send it by private message, then. I won’t tell anyone where you live.


The message means you have the component open for edit, and the component is on the layer that you are trying to switch off.

Exit the editing context, and then switch it’s layer off.


Check which Layer you have made active.
The button to the left of the layers should remain on Layer 0.
It should remain there 99.98% of the time and only be changed from this position if you really understand why you want to change it.


The message has nothing to do with selections but what layer is applied to the group/component you are inside of. You are either editing the terrain or an other object that has the terrain layer applied to it (probably accidentally since you want to hide the terrain).


That sounds reasonable… I’d just jumped in and was trying to figure it
out as I went. Having watched a couple of videos I noticed you can enter
edit mode on a group/component and I think in my frustration I’d done this
accidentally… double-clicked something and then got stuck!

It does seem quite confusing when you add geolocation, you get the flat 2D
and the 3D terrain as separate objects. Then both are semi-transparent, and
’building’ on the terrain tends to make everything wonky! I’m planning to
watch some basic intro tutorials next but for reference, should I have used
a specific template for geolocation projects to make things a bit easier
from the start?



Drawing directly on a terrain can be quite difficult with the tools snapping to points on different elevations. I usually model buildings with no terrain or the terrain hidden and then move the building onto the terrain. Also I always make the building a group. This way you can double click the building to edit it and go to View > Component Edit > Hide rest of model to have the terrain (and other landscape elements such as trees) hidden when working on the house itself.


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